We understand your needs

Medical Devices peculiarities makes difficult to adapt standard solutions.
We understand that statistics hide moments of stress, frustration and even worse it may impact patients

Are you suffering from assets lost or lack of control to improve your daily work dynamics?

Do you work with public Hospitals or Clinics and reposition and billing process is a ineffective and time-consuming?

Do your sales and marketing team spend a lot of their precious time solving logistics issues?

Do you feel that you need a communication channels with customers that helps your sales force level up they way you work?

Are you fed up with not having proper information to make data based decisions?

In Clever abb we are aware of this, so all our solutions have been specifically designed to address unmet needs of your market.

We hear you.

Focused and experienced

Our solutions are designed specifically for Medical Devices Market

Our app is open, this means that your customer only need one app to access to services and products of different companies. This has many advantages. First at all is what hospital staff want as they tell us and as history has shown. Second teaming up companies under the same way of work have synergies in terms of education on processes, promotion, coordination, etc.

Our team has many years of background experience working in markets as Traumatology, Orthopedics, Neurosurgery, Arthroscopy, etc.

We understand you.

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