Design from scratch for Medical Devices Market

Surgeons at operating room

Medical Devices market has some particularities that makes it to have its own problems and needs.

In Clever abb we are aware of this, so all our solutions have been specifically designed to address unmet needs of your market.

We make your instruments, equipments, products, etc interactive.This way you can provide new services and information to your customers and staff, and as a side benefit you get information like position of instruments, aggregated users behaviour, etc. Other great advantage is that you are notified earlier in processes, that will help you to improve your service and save inventory

Contactless device attach to a surgical instrument set

How can we achieve it

We use IoT (Internet of Things) and collaborative apps to achieve it.
We attach Contactless devices or Tags to your assets, so we get and generate information in the interaction with them.

Basically depending on the nature of your product or your needs we may use the tag or device that best suits for you.

Users can use the apps to interact with instruments or medical devices to get or provide information
We can associated information on status on processes, location, content, technical information about the use or maintenance and lot more of things.

And you and your clients can do everything with their mobiles.

Clever abb app map screen

Assets and equipment control

Geolocation services are great!. Improve your control on your assets by having a better knowledge of their location.
Allow customer and staff to create their own location alerts that will allow them to be warned when the asset of their selection reach or leave a location.

Let your carrier staff inform the specific place when they have delivered the equipment
Find solutions on how to manage the traffic of your products to cover surgeries and coordinate your team in minutes instead of hours.

Inform your customers on arrival and departures of assets, creating an outstanding customer experience

Clever abb app report screen


Just devices your team and customers can inform about the consumption of material of a product, etc while saving a lot of time and errors. Customize who and how have to receive this information to start the reposition and billing proccess. Everything in a much more intuitive and convenient way that leads to reduction of errors, shorter times and improve communication and coordination.

Thanks to this you will have real time consumptions gaining a precious time to reduce back orders, shorten delivery response or to decrease stocks.

Clever abb app product info screen


Create a new channel of communication with customers synergistic with sales force and make life of your sales consultant easier allowing intuitive access to product data and information.

When your customer and staff interact with tags or devices it will show the information that you want to show, like documentation, data sheet, content list, videos, Virtual reality videos, presentations, spreadsheets, etc. Let update information be consulted when and where it is needed in an intuitive way.

Clever abb app catalogue screen


Customers and staff can access to your pipeline at the catalogue section. Thanks to "catalogue" your team will have product information at reach anywhere, customer can review and select products from your pipeline when they need it.

It is great to give non-customers an opportunity to know more about your offer.

As products are linked to metatags you can use pathology, composition or any other feature or your product to let users find the right one.

Clever abb app catalogue screen

Inventory management of your consignments

Your customers or employees can use Clever abb to control the inventory of your consignments.

The system informs when an article that it is going to be use has an alternative wich expires before. This way you can reduce loses by this reason.
Everything is done from mobiles with no needs of readers or any other infraestructure which makes everything much easier, cleaner and confortable.

Clever abb web metrics screen

Manage your own processes

Would you like to know in real time the situation of your assets?. With us is simple and possible.

Your team can no afford to waste time just to have the right information to provide urgent solutions.
In Clever abb you can use sopts of control in your internal processes to know what instruments are on reception, reviewing, cleaning, stored, on deliver, etc.

Combine with the app for couriers will let you know the whole situations of your loners sets.

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