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If you have  instruments with
Clever abb  labels. scan   their QRs
or just touch the contactless

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Interact with instruments and take the way you get information,
coordination and tracking to a whole new level
For your instruments, consignments and loan kits

The information you need, when and where you need it


Just scanning the QR code or getting your phone close to contactless labels you can access information of the instruments you need. One last peek at the surgical technique? A consult about something specific? You got it!
Quick and intuitive access of information allow you to have all these advantages and way more.

Find information from companies' portfolio, search within their catalogues, or review the information from your Ipad at home or any other place. Easy, right?


Avoid unnecessary de-sterilizations

Do you need an instrument but do not know what container or case contains it?

Have a look at the photo or content information and open just the container you need.

Contactless tags can be read through sterilization drapes, avoiding the need to de-sterilize the case. Just take your mobile with NFC near the area where the tag is located. In case you can see the tag you can scan the QR.

Save time, avoid delaying a surgery, and avoid accumulated cost of unnecessary sterilizations.


Coordinate your team

With Clever abb you can share and receive information about instruments and product via Whatsapp, Telegram, email, etc.

You are one click from knowing what it is going to be used tomorrow, track it, share it with peers, etc.


Peace of mind knowing that it has arrived

Companies working with Clever abb can provide you information about the kit they are sending to you, this way you can create an alert so that you will be notified when the kit has arrived at your hospital or clinic.

Furthermore if their couriers use the Clever abb logistic app you will be able to track the position of the delivery in real time for better management of emergencies


Trace and coordinate the sterilization process, and more...

Use control spots "Clever Spots" to trace and make visible the situation of the instruments.
For Example, "In autoclave","Stored at operating room 1","In quarantine", "Ready to be picked up"

Improve the visibility of the instruments to coordinate teams, trace situation in cleaning/sterilization cycle, storage, etc.

You can create your own spots to make visible what you need.

Discover their advantages

Change the way you interact with instruments

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