Do you have a delivery infrastructure?. You are going to love this

Geolocation of your assets is awesome, you may prevent them to be lost or can optimize their use, right?. But what when your asset does not worth the effort of invest in a fancy device?

If you have your own delivery we provide your warehouse and transportation team tools to provide geolocation of your assets.

Thanks to an app specially done for them, they can prepare order and dispatch them providing valuable information to keyholders just using QR or contactless tags.

Preparing the shipment

Usually equipments, instruments, etc that are loan to hospitals are packed inside a transport box and sometimes they even may be inside a sterilization container.

In these case warehouse staff can prepare shipment in the app. It is supereasy, they just have to touch the tags and the systems will know the content of the box.

Picking the shipment

Once the shipment is prepared the courier just have to click on "Picking" and touch the tags of the boxes that are going to be delivered.
From that moment the mobile of the courier informs in real time the position of the shipment.
Imagine the potential in case of emergencies!. Your staff and customers can monitor the shipment to coordinate and optimize the use.


When the courier is at the Hospital to deliver your shipment He can simply tap on "Deliver" and touch the tags of the box to avoid mistakes. Automatically the system will recognize where it has been delivered and record until further interaction.

There is other great option of delivering, instead of simply delivering It can be delivered at specific point to inform everyone where is. This can be done just touching our Clever Spots, tags in places that allow to record specific places, like "Surgical Storage Room" or "Hospital Warehouse North"..

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