Adapted to your needs

We know that not all companies, neither all products, nor all places are the same and so your problems can be the same but the way to solve them may be different

That is why we offer different ways to offer service to you, your team and your customers.


Contactless tagging allow users to access to information and services in a really simple and convenient way. Simple touch or take your phone next to the tag and Voilà¡
It couldn't be more simple, convenient and intuitive.

Contactless tagging is available in sterilizable versionthat can withstand autoclave.
One advantage of this tag is that can be read through blue wrap in case your instruments is sterile, which is a good help for surgical theater personnel when they have to identify or search for specific item.
Our tag has a read range up to 10 cm in case you can't touch it.
Like everyone else of our devices or tags everytime a user interact with it location is updated for your information and control.

IoT Autonomous Tracker

This device comprise a lot of functionalities in a small gadget.It withstands autoclave as well, so you can attach it to your surgical instruments or whatever other that need to be autoclaved.

Designed to save increase the battery. The less it moves the longer the autonomy, that can be years.
It provides its location indoor and outdoor
It tells you when has been autoclaved
It tells user the distance from it within a detection range (up to 100 m)

And like contactless tags you just have to touch it with your phone to access to every single service and information.

QR codes

Tagging your asset with QR codes has a lot of advantages:

-It is the cheapest way to access to Clever abb services.
-They can be read from mobile's camera from a long distance in cases like surgeries, etc.
-If your company has strict approval process for devices as we can print them on your already approved labels the time to market it is not delayed.

...and if you already have codes in your assets we can use them to avoid extra labels.


Rfid provides valuable information. They can not be read with mobiles phones and RFID gateways must be installed to read them.
Depending on number and location of gateways you may know up to real time location

We can integrate your RFID information with our services to let your team and customer know where things are and have valuable information about them.

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