Adapted to your needs

Not all equipments and productos requiere same thing; temporary use or permanent, autoclavable or not, n sterile container or drapes...

That is why we offer different ways to offer service to you, your team and your customers.


Contactless tagging allow users to access to information and services in a really simple and convenient way. Simple touch or take your phone next to the tag and Voilà!
It couldn't be more simple, convenient and intuitive.

Contactless tagging is available in sterilizable versionthat can withstand autoclave.
One advantage of this tag is that can be read through blue wrap in case your instruments is sterile, which is a good help for surgical theater personnel when they have to identify or search for specific item.
Our tag has a read range up to 10 cm in case you can't touch it.
Like everyone else of our devices or tags everytime a user interact with it location is updated for your information and control.

Permanent labels

Usually the traceability software is aim to sterilization. That is why labels aer temporary stickers.

In Clever abb we equip your containers with permanent metal plaques engrabed for long term use.
This way you may have mor information on long term use of your assets and there are no need of relabel in every process.

Temporary labels

In the hospitals when they need to control spare articles or loaner set they may need temporary labels that can be autoclaved.

Our temporary labels are prepared for autoclave and are preconfigured.
So from the app just scanning this labels photos can be uploded or the content can be paired with products already available in the catalogue section.
This is a supereasy way to upload information and trace the item, making this information ready to be consult in the app.

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