The present is mobile

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3.8 Billion people own a Smartphone. In developed countries 74% of the population have one.
Today nobody can deny that mobile phones are part of our life. They are because they are at hand´s reach, they allow us to connect and interact with the world through the sensors and cameras creating an unparallel experience.

In Clever abb we believe that technology is a mean and that people and purpose must be in the center of what we do, that is why our bet is on mobile, because mobile is able to provide the best experience to our users, your users.

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We have tree main types of users; Medical Device companies staff, Hospital staff and Courier personnel. Each one of them have peculiarities.
Let´s start by your workforce, when you start working with Clever abb we will set up your company on the systems. Once it is done your people can download the app, register as one of your employees and access to information and services
Hospital staff can install the app from the Play Store or App Store register as hospital staff. It is free for them and it will allow them to access the information and services from all the companies working with us, so you will be benefited from training and knowledge they already have.
Courier, whether they are from external company or delivery from your own company can have access to an app that they will use to inform and track the deliveries in real time. Consult "Use your delivery" to know more.

Users privileges

Not all users have the same privileges, neither they access to the same information.
While your workforce may see (or not) your assets with no geographical limitations, hospital staff can only see assets located on their hospital.
You decide who can see information on your products in case you don't want to provide access to some specific person.

How is data shown

In the app you may show a lot of information. Everything is done in such a way that everything is simple and intuitive.
All assets have a "product chart". There you will have the information; name, Id number, company, location, etc. The products appear in order of proximity and you can filter them by words related to them or locate them in a map to find what you are looking for.
Under the chart there is a menu where you can access to information, order a reposition, share with other user, etc.
Up in the screen you can see the access to your favorites and to catalogue for information about brands.

You can see information form other users related to that instruments, with photos, color coded, etc.
The app is connected to Whatsapp, although you can share information the way you want.
You can even contact other users in case you need it.

Intuitive to create awesome experiences

To enhance user experience we have integrated maps services from google. Simple write name of a hospital or a company to locate or make an order instead of addresses
We have made custom maps to help you locate health facilities.

Web and administration

Although there is a focus on mobile use, users can access to information and some services on the web.

Web is great for administrators. There they can manage their pipeline, grant access to their companies product or denied it to users and measure the activity surrounding their assets to gain valuable insights.

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